Where to start? A scary question. Wait! Is it?

Yes, your first approach to solving a problem may be wrong. So what?

Right after you take the first step you will start understanding the problem more clearly and you’ll plan your next step accordingly. Remember, the more you fail, the more you will learn about the problem because every failure comes with a packed gift of new learnings.

A new problem can feel equally as unknown to us as a new person. The difference is, when it comes to humans we quickly say “I don’t know that person, they are…

There are different methodologies to reach your users/customer’s thoughts but one of the pure and authentic methods is the interviews, especially when done one-on-one, live in-person. You get so much information not just by the words but also their body language and expressions.

I did 6 sessions for Centrepoint.com Redesign (Each session includes 5 in-store customer interviews, in total 30 Interviews ). There have been few learnings in my work experience on WITH and WITHOUT Customer Insights and I would like to share some tips that may help.

Multiple factors can limit you to dig customer insights:

  1. Shortage of Budget. (No one likes to give their feedback/opinion for free…

Designers and developers should sync together.

Everyone has different behaviors, we like to work how we want and sometimes we expect others to work following our ways.

I am writing this article to share my experience of providing support to developers with the 2 big scale projects I worked in the last 10 months. I learned some good things.

Designers and Developers are two main pillars for any product and the product’s quality relies on them.

Most of us (designers & developers) hesitate to share ideas with each other may be because it exceeds the bar of challenges and compromises or maybe they take it as…

I am writing this post to share a story on using a “Hamburger Icon” or having the word “Menu” for navigation on a mobile site.

A few days ago I was assigned to design the mobile site of the company. I am new in the company as well as in their discussions. I didn’t know what they have already brainstormed and concluded from it.

As many of us, I also used the menu hamburger icon for the menu but my fellow designer told me that this “Hamburg icon” will not be accepted by the top management as they think the…

Umyr Mehmood

I write my experiences on design, whatever I learn new or think something needs to be shared. Product Designer — www.umyrmehmood.com

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